Kobe Bijin Unagi

Why Unagi - “Doyo no Ushi no Hi”

Japan, August 6th—traditionally considered the hottest day of the year—marks the end of a special festival called “Doyo no Ushi no Hi” or Midsummer Days of the Ox. During this festival, Japanese consume huge quantities of “unagi” to as it is believe to be able to counteract the loss of stamina that is caused by the summer heat. Eel aquaculture began in Asia in 1879 in Tokyo with the raising of elvers(Baby eels), while Taiwan Province of China and the Republic of Korea initiated eel culture in 1968 and the People's Republic of China in 1975.

Why Unagi -
Huge demand

The eel farmers of China are the biggest producers world wide, many of the farms are in Guangdong province; a large proportion are live export or as kabayaki to Japan. With an annual demand of 130 000 tons, Japan constitutes the most dominant eel market in the world; its own production (mainly from aquaculture) is insufficient to cover the demand. The difference is mainly imported from China, Taiwan Province of China, the Republic of Korea.

Why Unagi - 
An opportunity and a price tag worth selling

While currently the high price of eels is stealing the headlines in Japan - the country with the highest consumption of eels – a more significant problem exist, the food safety issues related to imported eels. More than 90 per cent of live and processed eel imports in Japan come from China. Ever since malachite green was detected in eels imported from China in 2003, there has been a renewed focus on the safety of imported food, especially from china.

Why Unagi - Window of opportunity

After 2003, Japanese became more concern about eel supply chain. They now prefer locally sourced eel than imported ones because of the food safety concerns with imports from China. However, the demand of Japan local eel is growing and driving the selling price up.
Kobe Bijin Unagi is trademark from a famous eel producer in Japan – Bric’s Eco Japan Co., Ltd. Mr. Hong is capable of producing eels that meet the standard while cultivating it in Malaysia.

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